Seventhsign – Blueprint [1993]

svthsnCountry USA          Style Progressive Metal/Hard Rock

Rating 80/100

Band Members
Gregg Analla – vocals, Dan Rivera – All guitars,backing vocals, Glen Krause – Bass guitars,backing vocals, Richard Nance – Drums,backing vocals

01. Losing You, 02. Hollow Point, 03. Beholder, 04. Dark Heart, 05. Biocide, 06. Kick It Down

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Profile Seventhsign is a progressive hard rock band from New Mexico formed in 1992 by Gregory Analla and guitarist Dan Rivera. Rivera and Analla started writing songs and it quickly became clear what direction they would take : Melodic Progressive Metal. They were soon joined by hard hitting drummer Richard Nance, also a New Mexico native. The line-up was completed by bass player Glen Krause, who moved back to his hometown Albuquerque from San Francisico to join…

Seventhsign quickly recorded a highly praised 6-song demo, Blueprint (1993).At this point, Seventhsign was ready to hit the road. They quickly made a name for themselves thanks to countless shows, from small clubs to arenas (where they opened for the likes of Slaughter, Winger, Extreme, Vince Neil Band, Queensrcyhe, Blue Oyster Cult, Warrent). Quite logically, Japanese label Alfa heard about them and signed them…All songs except “Kick It Down” were later re-recorded for the Perpetualdestiny album came out in 1995.

If you like bands like Edwin Dare, Futures End, Defyance and Titanium Black with a slightly more metallic edge to your sound and strong songs check these guys, you won’t regret it…

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