Seven – Inside Love/Man With a Vision [1990]

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RATING: 88/100

Mick Devine – Lead vocals, Keith Macfarlane – Guitar/vocals, Pat Davey – Bass guitar/vocals, Simon Lefevre – Keyboards/vocals, Austin Lane – Drums

7″ Single – Inside Love (1990)
1. Inside Love (3:53), 2. Till Then (3:51)

7″ single – Man With a Vision (1990)
1. Man With a Vision (4:06), 2. Just Close Your Eyes (2:51)


Seven was an AOR band formed in Bournemouth who recorded two singles, both having minor success within the UK.

The band formed in 1989, consisting of Mick Devine (lead vocals), Keith Macfarlane (guitar/vocals), Pat Davey (bass guitar/vocals), Simon Lefevre (keyboards/vocals) and Austin Lane (drums).

The band formed from the remnants of the South African band “Face to Face”. In 1989/1990, Seven were backing band for two Brother Beyond tours and Jason Donavan. They also toured with The Monkees, and with Richard Marx. Lead vocalist Mick Devine was originally the National Skateboard Champion. The band found themselves signing a deal with Polydor Records after the band sent a demo to Phillip Schofield. Scholfield liked the demo and asked the band to record another. This was followed by a record company person who also liked the band’s sound.

UK musicianJohn Parr was hired as producer for the group’s first single. The band released their first single in January 1990, titled “Inside Love” which was produced by Parr and written by both Keith McFarlane and Simon LeFevre. The song had a promotional video. The b-side was titled “Till Then” which was produced by Tim Lewis and Mike Parker, written again by McFarlane and LeFevre. “Inside Love” peaked at #78 in the UK, lasting a total of four weeks on the chart.

For the follow-up single, released in June 1990, the band recorded the song “Man With a Vision”, produced again by Parr and written by Parr, Mcfarlane and Lefevre. The song had a promotional video. The single’s two b-side were titled “Just Close Your Eyes” and “Stranger (In The Night)”. “Man With a Vision” peaked at #91 in the UK, spending two weeks on the chart. Parr himself would later record his own version of the song for his 1992 album of the same name “Man With a Vision”. Parr would also release his version as a single.

The band recorded two further songs, titled “Until Then”, “Be That Girl” however a series of internal struggles and arguments meant that the band soon split.

In recent years, Drummer Lane manages the Drum Dept at Absolute Music, Poole, whilst both Macfarlane and Lefevre returned to South Africa, Devine moved to Market Harborough whilst Davey still lives in Bournemouth, teaches bass in Bournemouth and Poole College and performing regularly with several jazz bands.

“Inside Love” is the debut single of UK AOR band Seven.

By 1989, the band had managed to secure a contract with Polydor Records and for their first single, musician John Parr was hired to produce the song. The song was written by lead guitarist Keith Macfarlane and keyboardist Simon Lefevre.

The single didn’t gain the commercial success that the band had hoped, only peaking at #78 in the UK for a total of four weeks.

A promotional video was created for the single, surfacing on Youtube in recent years.

The b-side for the single was titled “Till Then” which was again written by Macfarlane and Lefevre, produced by Tim Lewis and Mike Parker.

On the majority of formats for the single, an extended version of Inside Love was available.

“Man With a Vision” is a song written by John Parr, Keith McFarlane and Simon LeFevre which was first released by the band, Seven, in 1990. The song was later covered by singer John Parr in 1992.


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