Scoundrel – Pokerface [1988]

Country Switzerland

Style Sleazy Hard Rock

Rating 77/100

Band Members Oll Thurling – Vocals,backing vocals Funz Tschan – Bass, Thoml Cardano – Drums, Janny Good – Guitars,backing vocals, Zipfi Bruesch – Guitars,backing vocals

Tracks 01. Naked in the Rain (4:44), 02. Wishing Well (3:00), 03. Pokerface (4:29), 04. Summerdays (4:21), 05. The Other Side (4:30)

Profile Scoundrel were a very underrated band from the late 80s coming St. Gallen, Buchs area, released this 5-tracks demo tape in 1988. The album has no-frills, stripped-down like East Coast hard rock, sounding a lot like a scruffier Dirty Looks. Thurling has unique voice, very high-pitched but quite rough at the same time, but suited perfectly for the music. Good musicianship and songwriting on this mini album from a band that never got too much attention from the big labels at the time.

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Scoundrel - Pokerface [1988], 5.0 out of 10 based on 1 rating
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