Scott & Steel – Scott & Steel [1988]

Band Membersscott and steelCountry Norway

Style Melodic Rock/Pop/Rock

Rating 76/100

Band Members Tore Elgaroy,Stein RambergTerje Severinsen,Svein-Dag Hauge,Claudia Scott – Guitars, Bard Svendsen – Keyboards, Ivar Harry Johansen – Drums, Pal Asheim – Bass, Morten Sand – Steel guitar, R.C. Finnigan – Harmonica

Tracks 01. Do you Believe in Love, 02. This ain’t America, 03. There is no Truth, 04. Where did you Go, 05. Hearts on Fire, 06. Beware of the Flowers, 07. Alison Likes Girls, 08. Blue for the New, 09. Ballad of the Sad, 10. Walk Aside, 11. Oldmobile

Profile Casino Steel and Claudia Scott teamed up with US Carlene Carter and British John Payne in CCCP. After one disc with this quartet, Claudia and Casino moved  to Los Angeles, where they continued the cooperation duo as a Scott & Steel. They made one album together, where Scott was responsible for most of the song material. Scott & Steel released in 1988, and described as a hard, modern country rock plate on a par with American productions of the same period.


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