Scarlet Vein – Scarlet Vein [2010]

Country Mexico          Style Hard Rock

Rating 82/100

Band Members
Viin Angelini – Vocals, Ari Caballero – Guitar, Raphael García – Bass, Stefan Berlanga Demeulemester – Drums

01. Between Roses & Lies, 02. Butterfly, 03. I Want You To Know, 04. Hard Time Lovin’, 05. Alive


Scarlet Vein was born in late 2006, when Ari Caballero started looking for musicians in the city of Monterrey, after having recorded an instrumental EP with his guitar and playing in some tribute bands for a while. He wanted the band to be in spanish at first but it didn’t work out the way he had planned. In July 2007  he met Viin Angelini at a Guns & Roses live show and there they started talking about forming a band, however, they had different ideas about it and the thing fell through. 

In 2008 the search for musicians kept on going. Ari played with a lot of drummers and bass players, but none of them had the style he was looking for. Finally in the beginning of 2009, he put an ad on the web to find a bassist, Raphael Garcia replied to it and the two soon started looking for the other members. 

Finally, they came across a jazz drummer who recommended them a vocalist from San pedro: Viin Angelini that eventually decided to join the band. They soon changed drummer and  Stefan Berlanga Demeulemester (who was playing in a Dream Theater tribute) joined in.  They had their debut in December 2009 inMonterreywith an Hard Rock style in the vein of  Motley Crue, Firehouse, Gotthard, Alice in Chains etc.

In January 2010 the band entered a studio to record their very first self titled EP and to gain some local popularity; they played som “Unplugged” and in small festivals in Texas U.S.A. Their single “Butterfly” gained popularity being aired in radios for more than 4 months.

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Scarlet Vein - Scarlet Vein [2010], 9.5 out of 10 based on 2 ratings
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