Savage Grace – Demos 1981 – 1987

gergeCountry USA          

Style Hard Rock/Metal

Rating 83/100

Band Members Tonya Smyth – Vocals, Larry Strout – Guitars,vocals, James Sheridan – Bass,vocals, Randy Reigelsperger – Drums

Tracks 01. He’s Hot She’s Ready, 02. Fool’s Game, 03. Give it to you, 04. Last Chance for Romance, 05. Victim Eyes, 06. Time After Time, 07. Bllod Money, 08. Whose to Blame, 09. Fire, 10. Money in the Pocket

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Profile Savage Grace was a melodic heavy metal band based in Detroit for most of the 80’s. Formerly “Tight” from southwest Ohio, the members moved to Detroit to try and capitalize on the booming music industry there. Savage Grace became a popular Michigan band playing all of the best venues throughout the state. Around mid 80’s after much writing, Savage Grace was ready to compile their first CD, so they hired Producer Michael Wagener (Dokken, Accept, Skid Row, White Lion, Great White, Metallica, Janet Jackson, Ozzie Osbourne, Saigon Kick, Motley Crue, Poison and others) and it was off to Toronto to United Media Studios to record.  Unfortunately so far there’s no official release but I hope to have something as the band really deserve our attention…


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Rating: 8.9/10 (8 votes cast)
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Savage Grace - Demos 1981 - 1987, 8.9 out of 10 based on 8 ratings
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4 Responses to “Savage Grace – Demos 1981 – 1987”

  1. don fudge leadfoot says:

    What sad ending all that traveling work for where u r now glad i left when i did something to show for time gone by

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  2. Keith Bartholomew says:

    What a fantastic band! I had a FM broadcast tape that they did and it smoked! Miss these guys

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  3. don fudge leadfoot says:

    Come on, i wanta c big shots all day long.sorry u missed the mark.

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  4. Rodd Heiden says:

    I really loved the song writing of Savage Grace. The time I met them was an audition for drums. They called me back, but unfortunately I was out on the road with my current band. SG could still be Rockin it today with the current music scene. They wrote catchy riffs and Tonya rocked it.

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