Salt ‘N’ Light – Für Dich [1996]

Country Germany


Rating 80/100

Band Members

Tracks   01. Ab Geht’s (03:56), 02. Nur Geliehen (05:18), 03. Liebe Zu Leben (05:16), 04. Fur Dich (03:26), 05. Mauren (04:47), 06. Viel Zu Oft (03:43), 07. Spuren (05:04), 08. Ganz Egul (02:34), 09. Freunde (04:05), 10. Du Stehst Zu Mir (05:15)

Profile Mega rare release from 1996 on Pleitegeier Records in limited copies, with great songs and amaziong musicianship. Salt ‘N’ Light were one of the best Christian AOR bands out from Germany with a sound reminds bands like Damaris Joy and Style, but there are also some other influences in between. The opener “Ab Geht’s” starts with swirling keys before some blistering guitars join in and let this song sound like a forgotten Jojo song. “Nur Geliehen” also comes along with rocking guitars and a huge chorus that reminds Surprises meets Lake. The guitar work here is really fantastic like on the track “Mauern” that sounds very close to Style, while the uptempo rocker “Viel Zu Oft” combined influences of Damaris Joy with Style and Jojo and even Rescue.

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Salt 'N' Light - Für Dich [1996], 7.0 out of 10 based on 4 ratings
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