Sahara – Observation [1991]

SAHARA_OBSERVATIONCountry United Kingdom          

Style AOR

Rating 79/100

Band Members Gordon Marshall – Drums, Geraint Roberts – Bass, Jeff Connors – Guitar, Peter Howarth – Vocals

Additional Musicians Paul Moessi,Andy Spiller – Keyboards, B. VOx Connors, Howarth/Roberts – Backing vocals

Tracks 01. The Question Was (3:36), 02. Babylon (4:13), 03. Shake Off Your Shackles (4:16), 04. Sound Of The World (4:24), 05. Observation (4:39), 06. Castles In The Sky (4:51), 07. Say Hello To The Day (4:55), 08. Don’t Tell Me Lies (4:03), 09. Nail In My Heart (4:04), 10. Friend In Need (3:52)

Profile Peter Howarth began his career as a guitarist. While he was on a tour, he played with a school chum of him from Blackpool, came in contact with Gordon Marshall (now playing drums for ‘The Moody Blues’) thought it was a great time to form their own band with Peter singing the lead vocals. They stayed in London and formed “Sahara”. The album “Observation” produced by Nigel Gray (The Police/Siouxsie and the Banshees), was remixed by Jim Ebden and released in 1986 on the Vogue Record label.

Good production, many harmony tunes, lots of keys with some catchy choruses compose this album. Highlights here is the opening “The Question Was” a power pop song with an 80s feeling, nice key overall and a catchy chorus. The rockin’ “Sound Of The World” with great guitar line and harmony backing vocals, the keyboard driven “Nail In My Heart” with a catchy powerful chorus and “Castles In The Sky” with a harmony rhythm and great chorus, are some of the standouts songs of the record.


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Sahara - Observation [1991], 10.0 out of 10 based on 2 ratings
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3 Responses to “Sahara – Observation [1991]”

  1. JEFF CONNORS says:


    I would like to point out some rather large omissions in the profile Sahara – Observation [1991]
    All the tracks were written by me, Jeff Connors and the writers share of publishing is owned by me , Jeff Connors. The Band was originally formed in Cardiff and brought up to London by myself.
    Peter Howarth and Gordan Marshall were drafted in by me at a later date in London.
    I am very proud of the songs on this album so would appreciate the biog being changed to to fact not the fiction it is at the moment. Thanks very much…..Jeff Connors. 07887 931839

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  2. Mike says:

    Hi Jeff!

    Mike from Sweden here! I’ve been looking for this CD for aeons… do you still have any copy for sale? 🙂 Best regards from Sweden!

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    • Jeff Connors says:

      Hi Mike,

      Sorry, I wish I could help but don’t even have a CD copy myself . ! If you find any CD ‘s please let me know or get one for me as well and I’ll pay you !

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