Rumbledog – Rumbledog [1993]

Country USA          

Style Hard Rock

Rating 82/100

Band Members Paul Lidel – Guitar, Jassen Wilber – Bass, Mike Smith – Guitar, Mike Ondersek (Ondrusek) – Guitar, Ron Sutton – Drums, Henrik Ostergaard – Vocals,Guitar

Additional Musicians Robin Crosby – Guitar, Jim Harris – Drums, Paul Monroe – Drums, Cary Devore – Drums, Brian Perry – Bass, Dave Naro – Guitar, Steve McConnell – Drums

Tracks 01. Have You Ever (Talked to Jesus), 02. Doing Time, 03. Cardiac Arrest, 04. Stone in My Eyes, 05. Last Call Sally, 06. Down Inside, 07. Trip the Lite (Fantastic Love), 08. Fang and the Love Pig, 09. K-Mart Country Funk, 10. Red Lite, 11. Love Train

Profile Hard rock band from Erie, Pennsylvania formed in 1993 by Henrik Ostergaard, frontman of Dirty Looks gave a different hard rock style from his previous work. The self-titled debut Rumpledog album came out in 1993 on the Mirror Records label, who Hernrik had worked with almost ten years previously. The Rumpledog albums would come out in years alternate to those of his main band.

The debut was really just a solo project with Henrik listed as the only member but featured many guest contributors. These guests included Dave Naro, Paul Monroe of XYZ, Robbin Crosby of Ratt and four members of Dirty Looks namely, Cary Devore, Jim Harris, Paul Lidel and Brian Perry. The album also featured a couple of reworked tunes from some of the lesser known Dirty Looks albums.

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Rumbledog - Rumbledog [1993], 10.0 out of 10 based on 3 ratings
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