Rosa Tattooada – Rosa Tattooada [1992]

PhotobucketCOUNTRY: Brazil          STYLE: Sleazy Hard Rock

RATING: 78/100


Jacques Maciel – Vocals, Guitar, Paulo Cassio – Guitar, Eduardo Rod – Bass, Beat Barea – Drums, Percussion, Joao Vicente – Keyboards


1. Perdedor, 2. Virando Noites E Dias, 3. Voltando Pra Casa, 4. Na Estrada, 5. Cabelos Negros, 6. Brilho Da Noite, 7. Voando Baixo, 8. Onde Morrem Os Anjos, 9. O Inferno Vai Ter Que Esperar, 10. Tardes De Outono, 11. Friday Night, 12. Diversoes Pesadas


Rosa Tattooada is certainly the biggest hard rock band Gaucho, perhaps the largest in Brazil, marked by the classic style of the eighties hard rock. Formed in 1988 by two former Cascavelletes The band’s roadies, vocalist and guitarist Jacques Maciel and drummer Beat Barea, completing the line-up bassist Paul Edward Rod and Cassio. With this lineup recorded their first album in 1990 under the production of the lead singer of No We Thedy Correa, who won a remarkable effect in the South, playing on local radio shows and filling, particularly for adolescents who were being attracted by the hard rock in vogue at that time.

But your chance to be known by the rest of the country occurred in 1992 when they were invited by Axl Rose to do the opening show of the Brazilian tour Guns N ‘Roses, the band after hearing several albums of bands from Brazil and selecting the for the same opening. Face the band rejected the invitation, but the production of the band said they could ask whatever they wanted to do the same, and was asked the best possible production for the show happen. After these shows, response was so good, the album disappeared from the shelves and attracted the attention of a major label, which signed the band, and was reissued the first album by the same.

And what we have here is the best quality hard, taking much influence from bands like Mötley Crüe and Kiss of the 80s, short here is hard for the first category, with a band entrosadíssima. Starting the play we have the heaviest song on the disc, the excellent “Loser,” showing that one of the strengths are his compositions, which is not easy for a band of hard in Portuguese. And proving that sometimes, we have the beautiful ballad “Turning nights and days,” proving once the quality of the compositions of the band, and what you can do with quality hard in Portuguese.

“On the Road” comes with its most bluseiro and accelerated “black hair” shake it all over again. “Bright Night” with his letter refers to “Do You Love Me” Kiss, with the same theme, and when I heard the letter I was reminded of this classic, with his letter questioning a vamp. “Flying Low” is more rhythmic grip again, but is a vigorous and full of hard riffs and solos, in a great participation of Paul Cassio here.

After we got two big ballads, melodic sense that is exposed and that was the most successful songs of the band. The first is “Hell will have to wait”, with its great lyrics and that is an enormous composition, without the letter as the most mellow, but a story of betrayal and how the character reacted to see both having a weapon in his hands, which became the most successful music band. “Autumn Afternoon” is also another good ballad and also ended up doing a relative success at the time of the album’s release. “Friday Night” celebrates the lifestyle of a rocker and “Amusement heavy” ends the album with a hard calmer.

A great album and maybe one of the best hard country. Essential for those who enjoy a good hard along the lines of the 80 Americans.

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Rosa Tattooada - Rosa Tattooada [1992], 8.0 out of 10 based on 1 rating
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