Roar – Roar [1990]

Country USA

Style Hard Rock

Rating 77/100

Band Members Mitch DiStefano – Bass, Charlie Ambrosia – Drums, Eric Presti – Guitars, Petey – Vocals

Tracks 01. Tequila, 02. Walkin Away, 03. One Shot

Profile Roar were another short-lived hair metal band from New York that never got the chance for a full lenght album. This 3-tracks demo tape released privately from the band for promotion back in 1990 featuring Eric Presti on guitar who has owned a studio and has produced numerous bands, while he played alongside 80s pop stars MC Hammer, Naughty By Nature and Bret Michaels. Roar were a high energy 90s powder puff hair metal but don’t expect wimpy guitar riffs and solos.

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