Roadstuff – 12Time Age [2004]

Country Germany

Style Melodic Rock/Progressive AOR

Rating 77//100

Band Members Thommy D., Thomas K., Birgit ‘Leo’ Köhn – Vocals, Thommy – Drums,percussion,keyboard, Thomas – Guitar,bass

Additional Musicians Andreas Razum – Keyboard, Thorsten Gudewitz – Piano,organ,keysboard, Gabi Pilhofer- violin,cello

Tracks 01. Is There Any Angel?, 02. Time for a Wonder, 03. April, 04. Inside of me, 05. Fly, 06. 12Time Age

Profile The band formed in 1979 and after many line up changes they manage to release their first work years later in 2004 titled “12Time Age”. This is a pretty unknown and well hidden secret. Musically they offer some well played female fronted AOR with a pretty cool female singer and a very good musicianship. The songs are catchy AOR mixed with some slightly prog elements.

The mix of driving guitars and mellow keyborads is fantastic and songs like the catchy opener “Is There Any Angel?” or the rocking “Inside Of me” remind of bands like Legend, Dow Jones and Barfly. The songs all come along with melodic choruses and a pretty good sound for a private pressing (produced by themselves).

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