Victory – Temples Of Gold [1990]


VICTORY is a clear example of a great group that never make it big. This is one of those few bands accepted on both sides of the river, headbangers and hardrockers. “Temples Of Gold” is mostly regarded as their second-best album after their predecessor “Culture Killed The Native”. I like ’em both, but “Temples…” is my favourite, more varied in my opinion. Dynamic and never boring songs, with punch, razor sharp guitars and vintage eighties feel.

Many tracks verging Melodic Metal, like “Hell And Black” (reminds me monsters ACCEPT) or “Take The Pace”, to melodic hard rock gems; “Standing Like A Rock”, “Rock ‘N’ Roll Kids Forever”. Then you got kick ass midtempos on “Temples Of Gold” and the superb “Fighting Back The Tears” (WOW!), one of the best and underrated heavy ballads ever. To make this even better, they have added at the end of the CD 3 hot and raw live versions of the best tracks from “Culture Killed The Native”, recorded in Los Angeles, CA.

The big thing of this album are the BIG guitars, the distinctive vocals of the spanish-born Fernando “El Toro Loco” Garcia and, listen carefully, the excellent chorus backing vocals arrangements. Production of Albert Boekholt (in fact an Engineer become Producer) is awesome, crisp and brillant. If this is a new band to you, don’t wait anymore and taste this very good album cranked to 10!

Band Members
Fernando Garcia – Lead vocals
Herman Frank – Guitars, backing vocals
Tommy Newton – Guitars, backing vocals
Fargo Peter Knorn – Bbass
Fritz Randow – Drums

01. Rock ‘N’ Roll Kids Forever (3:18)
02. Backseat Rider (3:12)
03. Standing Like A Rock (3:25)
04. All Aboard (3:17)
05. Hell And Back (3:19)
06. Temples Of Gold (3:51)
07. Take The Pace (4:02)
08. Rock The Neighbours (3:24)
09. Mr. President (3:00)
10. Break Away (3:21)
11. Fighting Back The Tears (6:41)
12. The 9th Of November (4:30)


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