Vega – What The Hell! [2013]


The pleasant surprise of 2010 came from England. Vega’s debut album “Kiss Of Life” made them an instant sensation in both the UK charts and in the wider area of hard rock scene. Clear proof of all these was their amazing presence in the last Firefest that left satisfied all attendees. Understandably so the audience eagerly awaited their next step and it came this year with their second album titled “What The Hell!”.

Vega tried to marry some very special features designed to create an innovative and pleasant sound that will give them a unique identity in their music. Main ingredients are none other than the charismatic voice of Nick Workman (along with Toby Hitchcock probably the best ‘wispy’ voices at the moment) but the melody combined with very gentle tempo that resembles the shapes of 80s Pop UK injected with modern sounds.

The new album is not omitted anything from that and  the result is a natural continuation of their whole career so far. Quick compositions, staccato melodies without a lot of “chatter” each piece is written to sound fun and not boring featuring catchy choruses, rhythmic keyboards and driving guitars, complete with impressive guitar solos pulling the songs higher.

Compared to their first record now they have a higher dose of guitar riffs to satisfy even the most “hard” fans while after a long search the band secured a worldwide deal with Universal Records/ Ninetone/ Spinefarm,  that has focused on modern rock and metal till now, leaving behind Frontiers, and the first taste of this album is the single “White knuckle Ride” which is a really great AOR smash. Considered as the future of melodic rock, the band has expanded their sound  and certainly they give a new freshness to the genre.

Vega succeeded. Is a unique band that make the difference from the mass of modern melodic Hard Rock thanks to their complexion. The future belongs to them …

Band Members
Daniel Chantrey – Drums
James Martin – Keyboards
Nick Workman – Vocals
Tom Martin – Guitars

01. Carnival Of Lost Souls
02. White Knuckle Ride
03. What The Hell
04. Not There For You
05. Cry
06. Raise Ya Game
07. Fade Into The Flames
08. You Can’t Run
09. Bless My Soul
10. She Walks Away
11. Turn It On
12. Saviour
13. It’s Gonna Be Alright
14. Hand In The Air

Konstantinos Kirousis


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