Van Stephenson – Suspicious Heart [1986]

PhotobucketA MASTERPIECE of melodic rock/AOR genre that everyone should have on their collection. Van Stephenson and the star cast of session musicians make a true charming album with superb songs, extremely catchy choruses, pumping keyboards, superbly melodic guitar exploits, beautiful and delicate harmony vocals and a crystal clear production by Richard Landis (Desmond Child, Nielson/Pearson Band, Gary O’, etc…).
This is the third and final solo album from Stephenson released in 1986 from MCA records with Mike Baird on drums (Airborne, Airplay, I-Ten, Stan Bush, Rick Springfield, MSG), Dennis Belfield n Bass (Prism, Beckett, Rick Springfield I-Ten), Dan Huff on guitars (Glen Burtnick, Gregg Rolie, Joe Lamont) and Alan Huff on keyboards (Giant, Eddie Money, Kip Winger, Rick Springfield,
Starship, I-Ten). There also a variety of guest musicians pitching in such as George Doering, Richard Gibbs, Ree Nielsen, Julia Tillman Waters, Josef Powell, Tommy Funderburk, Michael Landau and many more.
The trip to AOR heaven starts from the opening track “we’re Doing Alright” takes you to a higher place. A song plenty of emotion, a timeless music that hit you straight to your heart with a catchy chorus, amazing backing vocals and a superb melody. Next song “We Should Be Together Tonight” continues in the same style where every instrument is in it’s perfect place and with the smoothly voice of Stephenson you feel like be on a conducted orchestra. “Suspicious Heart” is difficult to be described. A perfect arrangement of keys and exquisite harmony vocals with a strong beat and explosive guitar make it truly amazing. “Never Enough Night” and “Confidentially Yours” are songs full of catchy choruses, commercial hooks, outstanding guitars and heartless while “Desperate Hours” and “Dancing With Danger” gave us an outstanding vocal performance from Stephenson combined incredibly with Huff’s cranky guitar offer us some truly amazing AOR moments. “Fist Full Of Heat” hits hardest of all. It is the most explosive song on offer and a personal favorite. Great vocals, strong lyrics, plaintive guitars, amazing and catchy chorus with a groovy melody that brings you memories from the past. The album close with “Make It Glamorous” and “No Secrets”. Both are uptempo melodic rock gems with strong guitars, lots of backing vocals and great tunes. The last two tracks also made it onto movie soundtracks, namely “Secret Adminer” and “The Wild Life” respectively.
A true outstanding jewel takes you to a time when music seemed to mean something A MUST HAVE !!!!!!

Band Members
Alan Pasqua – Keyboards
Dann Huff – Guitars
Dennis Belfield – Bass
Mike Baird – Drums
Van Stephenson – Vocals, Guitars

01. We’re Doing Alright
02. (We Should Be) Together Tonight
03. Suspicious Heart
04. Never Enough Night
05. Confidentially Yours
06. Desperate Hours
07. Dancing With Danger
08. Fist Full Of Heat
09. Make It Glamours
10. No Secrets

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