Ten – Albion [2014]


Albion is the upcoming eleventh studio album by the melodic hard rock band Ten. The album will be released on the 21st of November 2014 and derives its name from the worldwide earliest documented name for the collective British Isles from the time of Queen Boadicia.

No surprises here, Ten’s “Albion” contains all the trademarked elements that have made this band a staple in the scene and, dare I say, has also raised the bar a bit higher for them. With Gary Hughes taking center stage thanks to his sincere renditions, the band is truly on form and it shows in the way that the classic Ten songwriting is reinforced by everyone’s performance.

As in most of their records there is a balance between straight-up melodic numbers and the more “celtic”-influenced ones, however there seems to be an abundance of brickhouse guitar riffs which pleasantly propel the affair to the next level. Funnily enough there are some moments that nod firmly to other well-known songs (Whitesnake’s “Looking For Love” on “Sometimes Love Takes The Long Way Home” anyone?), but ultimately these little details make the end result even more enjoyable.

Band Members
Gary Hughes – Vocals, guitars, backing vocals
Dann Rosingana – Lead guitars
Steve Grocott – Lead guitars
John Halliwell – Rhythm Guitars
Darrel Treece-Birch – keyboards, Programming
Steve Mckenna – Bass guitar
Max Yates – drums, percussion

01. Alone In The Dark Tonight (4:25)
02. Battlefield (5:00)
03. It’s Alive (5:02)
04. Albion Born (5:24)
05. Sometimes Love Takes The Long Way Home (5:14)
06. A Smuggler’s Tale (5:57)
07. It Ends This Day (5:37)
08. Die For Me (7:28)
09. Gioco D’Amore (4:59)
10. Wild Horses (5:55)

Asian version (Avalon Records)
11. Good God In Heaven What Hell Is This (4:00)

Christian Cambas


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