Saints And Sinners – Saints And Sinners [1992]


This album is truly amazing…If you have it you’re a lucky man! They probably could have made it bigger in the US, but being released in 1992, grunge already had it’s filthy little hands around the neck of this type of metal.

If the melodic metal genre awarded sainthood to albums, then this particular album would definetely deserve such a distinction. This album packs a heavy punch but does so with plenty of commercial polish, serving up ripping guitars, huge hooks, rockin’ attitude, anthemic choruses and gang backing vocals. Armed with a bunch of great songs that have the writing credits of Aldo Nova, Jon Bon Jovi, Brad Gillis and Rachel Bolan from Skid Row, Saints and Sinners this disc was sure to be a huge hit.

Saints and Sinners were a short lived, yet exceptional melodic mainstream rock band formed in 1991 from the ashes of heavy metal band Sword. Ex-Sword members Rick Hughes (vocals) and Jeff Salem (drums) recruited guitarist Stephane Dufour, Martin Balduc on bass and former Aldo Nova, Night Ranger and U.F.O. keyboardist Jesse Bradman to form the group. The album should have made them superstars, but being on an independent label and the influx of grubge nusic into the mainstream led to Saints and Sinners being severely overlooked. The band toured for the release and broke up shortly after (1993).

Take a look at the back cover of this album and you have an idea what is in store for your aural entertainment. This is a picture of the band replete with long hair, black leather and ripped jeans. Yes this is hair metal but there is no bubble gum here. These guys rock hard and “Rip It Up” on most of this album, as indicated by the title of track number two on the album. Speaking of that song, I would consider nominating it as one of the all time best songs to come out of this 80s genre. Yes, it is that good! Reminds me of the glory days of Y & T. A killer song that rocks hard, when  played really loud, would rate as possibly the most catchy opening riff of its genre I’ve ever heard. However, the album is not carried by the weight of this song alone although it could be. “Takin’ My Chances” is a classic power ballad that would also rank as one of the all time best ever made, a song that would have surely broken through to a wider audience. “We Belong” is a great anthemic type semi ballad I can say, that will have you singing along for days after hearing it. Nice harmonies, catchy riffs, lots of keys and a strong chorus you’ll definetely love. “Slippin’ Into  Darkness” and “Lesson of Love” are both intense hard rocking metal tracks with great guitar and driving rhythm throughout. “Slippin’ Into Darkness” except the real nice guitar solo in the middle features a totally catchy chorus that  will leave you speachless for days. A song to be played loud and repeat it again and again. On the other hand “Lesson of

Love”, it’s that kind of song that constantly ringing in your ear months after you hear it…Includes everything you like  to hear from a hair metal band of that ear. Strong scratchy vocals, dirty guitar riffs, powerful chorus and attitude. One  of the album’s highlight is the epic rock song “Frankenstein”, a ten minutes long epos, something you’ll find only rarely in this genre and despite its length always stays dynamic. The rest of the songs are good as well like the forceful and swagger “Shake”, the groovy “Walk that Walk” and its catchy chorus, but also the absolute barnstomers “Kiss the Bastards” and “Wheels of Fire”, compose an explosive album.

If you’re a fan of the late 80s and early 90s melodic rock/hair metal sound, full of loud, crunchy guitars, pounding drums, strong vocals and power melodies, this definetely is an album you have to hear. I would say that 6-7 tracks are absolute killer and the rest are not bad. How many times can you say that for a ten track album? So who wants to get a  really good melodic metal/hard rock record should try out Saints and Sinners, you won’t be disappointed, quite the contrary!

Band Members
Rick Hughes – Lead vocals
Stephane Dufour – Guitars, backing vocals
Jesse Bradman – Keyboards, backing vocals
Martin Bolduc – Bass, backing vocals
Jeff Salem – Drums

Additional Musicians
Aldo Nova – Guitar, keyboards
Alan Jordan – Background vocals
Michael Larocque – Bass
Tim Harrington – Bass
Alan Abrahms – Bass
Daniel Hughes – Drums
Peter Barbeau – Drums

01. Shake (4:09)
02. Rip It Up (4:42)
03. Walk That Walk (4:40)
04. Takin’ My Chances (5:02)
05. Kiss The Bastards (5:02)
06. Wheels Of Fire (3:50)
07. Lesson Of Love (4:15)
08. We Belong (4:41)
09. Frankenstein (9:57)
10. Slippin’ Into Darkness (4:16)

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