Mylon Lefevre & Broken Heart – Crack the Sky [1987]

Mylon LeFevre & Broken Heart - Crack The Sky

American Mylon LeFevre started his career in the Seventies playing in various bands but it was in 1982 when he founded his own crew; MYLON LeFEVRE & BROKEN HEART. The group was one of the most important outfits from the ’80s Christian Rock movement, however, they were one of the ‘less religious’ and most secular-market oriented.

After four radio-rock oriented albums (and a poppy one under the Look Up moniker), LeFevre and the guys definitely aimed for a mainstream sound of the era: their 1987 record “Crack The Sky” mixes stylized Rock&pop, radio-friendly melodic rock and elegant AOR melodies.

Plenty of catchy choruses, commercial hooks and a glossy production, “Crack The Sky” indeed sounds very ’80s. You have electronic Simmons drums, lots of synths, compressed beats, etc. There’s really good songs like title track, the very Mr. Mister sounding “Love God, Hate Sin” (with a sing-along chorus), “Let Me Be The One”, the slightly west-coast oriented ballad “I Belong” and the mid-tempo AOR “Reach For The Sky”.
A prove of Mylon’s Billboard approach is “Closer Than A Heartbeat”, a sharp poppy tune with a single potential build over a clean guitar line, fine keyboards and smooth vocals. Same with the little Hi-Tech AOR craft of “Heart On Fire”.

Although my favorite record from the band is their more melodic hard rocking ’89 LP, this “Crack The Sky” features a very good pack of songs, and it’s a faithful representation of the second half of the ’80s sound through its bright and extremely polished production.

Band Members
Mylon LeFevre – Vocals, Guitars
Scott Allen – Guitars, Vocals
Trent Argante – Guitars, Vocals
Paul Joseph – Keyboards, Synthesizers, Vocals
Kenneth Bentley – Bass, Vocals
Ben Hewitt – Drums, Percussion

01. Crack The Sky
02. Love God, Hate Sin
03. Closer Than A Heartbeat
04. Give It Up
05. I Belong
06. Let Me Be The One
07. Reach For The Sky
08. Heart On Fire
09. For My Growing (duet with Carole Ford)

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