M.O.B – Out From The Dark [2014]


Stockholm based metal/hard rock outfit M.O.B. are back with a new album “Out from the Dark”, their first new album in 5 years and probably their best effort so far.

Their new album features 12 songs that are a good blend of classic metal and hard rock in the vein of bands like Judas Priest, Accept and Ozzy, with lots of melodies, punchy hooks and a pinch of Judas Priest guitars but still with attitude. The band’s big advantage is Fredrik Notling a charismatic yet passionate, playful yet serious enough vocalist worth listening to on his own merits but also the hard crunching guitar riffs of  Peter Gustafsson.

There are a bunch of good tunes on this disc that are worth checking out. Starting with the heavy and striking “The Beast in Me” having nice guitar scale and a dark side that fits perfectly to the band and I really like the guitar solo in the middle followed by the title track continue in the same dark vein with having good harmony scale and a very catchy guitar riff. “Legions of the Antichrist” propably is one the heaviest songs of the bands similar to Judas Priest and Accept but with thein next song “Nightmare” they totally changed their style to more melodic hard rock paths, not best but enjoyable.

With their next song “By my Side” the band’s style changed again, show us the other side of the band a beautiful, melancholic ballad that worth your attention. With “The Dark Defender” the band return to their metal sound with dark hard crunching guitar riffs. “Among the Wolves” is another good number that worth your attention one those songs should be heard loud where Gustafsson’s guitar work combine great when mixed the vocals of Fredrik Notling. The rest of the songs  ranging in metal paths with tight guitar work, dark vocals and bass on the floor.

M.O.B. returned with their most metal album and they doing quite good although I don’t like some vocals parts and the production is a bit depth in some parts. This album tells the story about a journey to hell and back, with sharp heavy metal, raunchy rock’nroll and of course celebrating life. M.O.B is back, Out From The Dark!

Band Members
Peter Gustafsson – Guitars, bass, backing vocals
Fredrik Notlinh – Lead/backing vocals
Richard Averdahl – Acoustic drumkit, cymbals
Leif Eriksson – Bass, backing vocals
Fredrik Folkare – Keyboards
Jorgen Schelander – Piano, mellotron

01. The Beast in Me
02. Out from the Dark
03. Legions of the Antichrist
04. Nightmare
05. By My Side
06. The Dark Defender
07. Nowhere
08. Infected
09. As the Demons Call My Name
10. Among the Wolves
11. The Legacy
12. When All Is Said and Done

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