Lynx – Caught in a Trap [1985]

hqdefaultThere were many bands called LYNX thru the rock ‘n roll years, but this one hails from Sweden. “Caught In The Trap” was their sole album (only vinyl) appeared in 1985, and it’s a really interesting release.

Lynx Sweden combines ’80s Hard Rock and the mixture of NWOBHM which was heard in the middle of the decade, featuring lots of keyboards and synth arrangements akin Tobruk, Tygers Of Pang Tang and alike. With a strong vocalist in Mats Eriksson, the music is tight, driven by crunchy riffs but always focused in melody.

Opener “My Own Way” is a hard rocker with a powerful groove that somehow recalls Alcatrazz, followed by the ultra catchy “Win Or Lose” where I hear some Rainbow-JLT era but also the first Europe. The latter influence is also present on the cool “Man Without a Face” (just listen the chorus and the scale progression). Another solid track is the midtempo “Fingers Crossed” blending sharp riffs and keys in the background, while the vocals are airy, spaced out.

My favorite cut is the more AOR oriented “Don’t Fool Me”, a little hidden gem from the Scandi pit, but all songs are good.  Check the fightin’ “Final Race” and its riffage – and especially the solo – bringing to mind Saxon, while the fast “Nothing In Return” gives you a dose of fine and listenable NWOBHM. “Master Of Evil” is that kind of ‘mysterious song’ with a heavy riff and vintage keyboards / organs (very nice), and closer “Nightwalker” makes me think of last Rainbow again, though the riff is more ‘British’.

Lynx Sweden comprised very talented musicians, the playing and musicianship is top notch and, for a novel band playing this type of music in Sweden at the first half of the ’80s, production is truly good. A collectors item.

Band Members
Mats Eriksson – Vocals
Per Larsson – Guitars
Mats Hermasson – Keyboards
Kauno Vaattovaara – Bass
Carl Moser – Drums

01. My Own Way
02. Win Or Lose
03. Fingers Crossed
04. Man Without A Face
05. Don’t Fool Me
06. Final Race
07. Nothing In Return
08. Master Of Evil
09. Nightwalker


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