Kaisas – Unify [2011]

PhotobucketLately in Greece, metal and hard rock scene has been staged several levels with the appearance of several bands that leave many promises for the future. One of these bands answering to the name Kaisas. The band is a creation of Greek songwriter/guitarist/bassist Babis Kaisas (Zandem) and musically combine classic and epic metal influenced by the decade of 80s with elements of hard rock and glam. The debut album called “Unify” which also produced by Babis Kaisas and features British frontman Tony Mills (SHY/TNT) on vocals and Brazilian Acacio Carvalho (Vougan/Dark Avenger) on drums.
My brief review will begin with the album’s highlight and personal favourite “Somewhere Someplace”. It’s mid-tempo hard rocking tune with hard edge riffs, many harmony backing vox and a power catchy chorus that everybody will love, followed by the striking “Mystery Man” and the great opening guitar solo. The emphasis on backing vocals continues with heavier guitars riffs and an epic melodic rhythm that will challenge you to push up the intensity even more. Sufficient attention must be given to some other songs like the powerful anthem of “Innocent Cry” with great stunning riffs and a traveling melody but also to the opening song “Sins Of Mankind”, a slow tempo hymn with great songwriting and a perfect vocal performance from Mills. Songs like “That’s Me” and “Rock You” kick into high gear and give to the album a slightly rock style with straight forward guitars riffs, harmony choruses and projecting some light glam elements, while a pleasant note comes from the well known Christmas song “Jingle Bells” having a heavier tonne and strong guitars. The album closing with a Dokken’s cover “In My Dreams” as a bonus track, with a little more heavier guitar riffs and a bit slower tempo but still quite remarkable.
An album enough accrued that shows us the techniques and synthetic skills of Babis Kaisas accompanied by the excellent, loud and clear interpretation of Tony Mills, and making a lot of promises for something even better in future.

Band Members
Babis Kaisas – Guitars, bass
Tony Mills – Vocals
Acacio Carvalho – Drums

1. Sins of Mankind
2. Chemistry
3. Surrender
4. Mystery Man
5. Innocent Cry
6. TraditionalJingle Bells
7. Somewhere Someplace
8. All Unite
9. The Whole Picture
10. Take Away Your Pain
11. That’s Me
12. Rock You
13. In My Dreams digital (bonus track) (Cover: Dokken)

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