Renèe – Reaching for the Sky [1980]

Country Netherlands          

Style AOR/Pop/Rock

Rating 79/100

Band Members Ronnie Meyes – Acoustic Guitar (tracks 3), Jan Hollestelle – Bass, Ab Tamboer – Drums,  – Electric Guitar, Okkie Huysdens – Keyboards, Jons Pistoor- Keyboards,Synthesizer (tracks 4,5), Eddie Conard – Percussion (tracks 1,3,4),Jos Hermeler (tracks 2), Tom Barlage – Saxophone (track 3), Anja Nodelijk – Vocals

Tracks 01. Dry Your Tears, 02. Lay Me Down, 03. Sad Man, 04. Just One Look, 05. It’s Absurd, 06. Jimmy, 07. Come Closer, 08. Change Your Style, 09. Reaching For The Sky, 10. Stranded Lady

Profile In 1959 René and his Alligators was set up by René Nodelijk, one of Holland’s best guitarists according to many music lovers. The band changed many music style from instrumental to vocal and from rock n’ roll, via Beatles, Mersey beat, middle of the road to funk and in 1977 René change the band’s name to Renée and go back to good old rock and roll. But this time around they would focus on vocals and play less instrumental music. In 1980 the band released “Reaching for the Sky” on CNR Records and produced by Burt Ruiter. The album in 1982 re-released with different cover from ALOI Records (A Label Of Integrity), which was the first title to be released on the first Linn label.

‘Jimmy’ was the first track from the album ‘Reaching for the sky’ to be released. The reviews were laudatory and the single stayed in the charts for a month and a half, but sadly enough didn’t reach very high.  The next track to be released was ‘Come closer’. This record reached the 3rd place on the play list of the Dutch radio stations. Over 45,000 copies were sold, which is quite a lot for a small country like the Netherlands. In the Benelux top 50 it ranked 19th place. ‘Sad man’ was released as the third single from Renée’s 1980 album ‘Reaching for the sky’. The single was promoted for a couple of weeks, but then the record company’s attention went towards the Stars on 45 project, which eventually became an international hit.


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Renèe - Reaching for the Sky [1980], 10.0 out of 10 based on 1 rating
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