Reign of Sound – As World Guardians [1994]

Country USA

Style Hard Rock

Rating 77/100

Band Members Christopher T Motley – Vocals, Jerry Kretchmer – Drums, Chris Shawver – Bass,backing vocals, Henrik Johannessen – Guitars,backing vocals

Tracks 01. F.P.M. Hardline, 02. Whisper, 03. Rattle my Cage, 04. World Guardians

Profile This group hails out of Atlanta and the play a very enjoyable hard rock compared to Sacred Reign and Oxido. This mini album released by the band in 1994 in very limited quantities. Raspy vocals combined with a very different-I would say unique-use of keyboards in times, these guys definitely have their own sound which cannot be confused with any other band. The song “Wolrd Guardians” released also as a video. The band disband a little later.

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