Red Clouds – Anyway [1995]

GDFHHJFGCountry Germany          Style Melodic Rock/AOR

Rating 77/100

Band Members

Tracks 01. It’s Alright (4:05), 02. Ghost of you (3:20), 03. Country Song (4:30), 04. Now (3:50), 05. 1000 Miles Away (5:08), 06. Shelter (of the Broken-Hearted) (3:44), 07. Midsummer Sky (3:19), 08. Diamonds and Thorns (3:57), 09. Southern Fields (4:48), 10. Get Up (3:44), 11. I Believe in you (3:54)

Profile RED CLOUDS are a German band who released only one  album at a small indie label. The a lbumcontains 11 songs of well performed AOR / Melodic rock with catchy songs and great guitars all over. It starts with the great “It’s Alright” that opens the album with sharp edged attacking guitar riffs reminds the legendary first Diving for Pearls album. “Ghost Of You” is another great song  with a cool chorus and that reminds the great Australian band 1927 (you may remember their great AOR album “…ish”). “Now” is a cool energetic rocker with great drums and again those attacking guitar riffs and great backing vocals, reminding Diving for Pearls again and “1000 Miles” comes along with a super catchy hookline and sounds a bit like the great Southern Sons.

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