Raging Grace – Up All Night [1994]

grtCountry USA

Style CCM Hard Rock

Rating 81/100

Band Members Stephen Bell – Guitars,vocals, Dean Shannon – Bass,vocals, Brian Conway – Drums,harp,vocals, Rick Lamarre – Guitars,vocals

Tracks 01. Plank (3:03), 02. No Time (2:47), 03. Weary (4:02), 04. Intending To Change (4:52), 05. False Teachers (3:16), 06. Up All Night (1:58), 07. Jesus Stands Tall (5:14), 08. Take This Heart (3:42), 09. Prisoner Of War (3:08), 10. Rest (4:17), 11. Wilderness (3:11)

Profile Indie release from Christian hair metal band Raging Grace with their amazingly rare release entitled,”Up All Night”. The band from New England formed in 1991 and they release this indie in microscopic numbers at their live shows, being in collector’s want lists everywhere. This band delivers excellent and impeccable guitar work, with Christian Metal undertones and bluesy influences.  If you love Whitecross and Scott Bradley you would love this band. They are still active as a trio releasing more albums.


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