Purtag – Greetings From The Roof Of The World [1994]

PURTAG_GFTROTWCountry Tibet          Style Hard Rock

Rating 77/100

Band Members Tenz Purtag – Bass,Vocals, Tsering Purtag – Guitar,Backing Vocals, Wangdu Purtag – Drums

Additionall Musicians Piernagela Compagnino – Female Voice On Track 2,Backing Vocals, Brigid Mccabe – Female Voice Track 5, Mark Bona – Keyboards

Tracks 01. Just Another Crazy Day, 02. Best In Me, 03. One More Try, 04. Memories (Instrumental), 05. Lay Down Your Pride, 06. Run, 07. Without You, 08. Two Hands’ One Foot Blues, 09. Waste Of Time, 10. High In The Sky (Trust Me, I’m Real), 11. Break Free

Profile Tsering Purtag, a Swiss born Tibetan, started playing guitar at the age of thirteen. After playing with bands like “Torkil”, “Rim of Ruin” and “Roadfever”, he formed a rock trio with his two brothers, named simply “Purtag”.  Their first album, “greetings from the roof of the world”, was well received by the international press, and particularly Tsering’s guitar work, then influenced mainly by the likes of Van Halen, Malmsteen and Hendrix, got a lot of praise. In order to promote that record, Purtag played gigs all over Europe.


*sample from his latelywork

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Purtag - Greetings From The Roof Of The World [1994], 10.0 out of 10 based on 1 rating
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