P.M. Heat – P.M. Heat [1989]

P.M. HEAT 1989 frontCountry USA          

Style Melodic Hard Rock

Rating 87/100

Band Members Paul Hybner, Mark Hybner, David Hybner, Steve Carson, Dan Stone, Lee Anthony, Rob Wright, David La Luna

Tracks 01. Power, 02. Could it Be you, I Wanna Rock, 04. Never Break my Heart

Profile P.M. Heat was a short lived melodic hard rock outfit hailed from Shiner, Texas, founded by Mark Hybner who is a well known band-manager ‘till today. P.M. Heat was the recording name, but their real name is The Emotions. Their only release came out in 1989 via Emotion Records in limited copies, a truly professional recording wrapped by a crisp production and mix.

“Power” is a winner, plenty of guitar/keyboard interplay, a killer chorus and slighty raspy lead vocals. “Could it Be You” is a little harder with a Dokken-esque atmosphere, “I Wanna Rock” has driving sharp guitars and anthemic-like drumming, while closer “Never Break my Heart” is the more AOR oriented tune of the bunch, melodic and catchy.

There several players listed on the back cover, but not specifying which instrument. This is a short but meaty slice of American melodic hard rock in the rocking and polished style of the late 80s, in the vein of bands like Autograph, King Kobra and Babe Blu. In the 90s they started playing rap and some of the members left…

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P.M. Heat - P.M. Heat [1989], 9.4 out of 10 based on 5 ratings
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2 Responses to “P.M. Heat – P.M. Heat [1989]”

  1. Randy says:

    Can anyone tell me the lyrics of these songs?

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  2. Robert Wright says:

    Robert “Rob” Wright here with some further information for your site!

    First thing — the band DID put out a full-length album, but it was issued on cassette only, title “Breaking The Ice”. Ten songs with mostly better songwriting but slightly less production polish in terms of performance. As a document of the scene in the late 80s/early 90s, it’s absolutely worth seeking out.

    On this original EP, the drums were programmed by writer/producer Scott Hoyt, who also contributed bass guitar and backing vocals. Steve Carson handled the guitar duties including lead guitar on “Power” and “Never Break My Heart”, with some rhythm parts by Hoyt, while the scorching lead guitar on “Could It Be You” and “I Wanna Rock” was done by Billy White, of the Austin-based band Watchtower. The EP recording had begun months before I joined the band in August of 1988 (I contributed to the handclaps and gang vocals on “I Wanna Rock”), so I don’t remember who played the keyboards on it. I’m not sure I ever actually knew the player’s name. David de Luna (that’s the correct spelling) joined months after I did, so he’s not actually on the EP. Aside from gang vocals and handclaps, none of the other band members listed appear on the EP, in fact. Dan Stone sang the vocals, Steve Carson played the guitar parts mentioned above, the unknown keyboard player did his thing, and the rest was Scott Hoyt.

    On the “Breaking The Ice” album, however, the band DID play all the parts in the studio (except for a few songs with programmed drums), and the album was produced by either Kim Fowley or myself, with input from Mark Hybner. The band collectively wrote all the songs, as well.

    Mark was never a record producer in the sense of sitting in the control room and approving recorded performances or giving specific musical instruction, for P.M. Heat or any other artist. He’s a very talented musician, but he hated sitting in a small room and listening to short clips over and over; the record process never appealed to him. His fame and fortune came in the form of artist management, getting record deals for a number of artists, and steering the careers of other established artists as well.

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