Non Iron – Innym Niepotrzebni [1989]

gergeCountry Poland          Style Hard Rock/Metal

Rating 82/100

Band Members
Janusz Musielak,Wojciech Hoffmann – Guitar,backing vocals, Henryk Tomczak – Bass, Jędrzej Kowalczyk – Percussion,drums, Leszek Szpigiel – Vocals

01. Brat Wielkiej Biedy (4:36), 02. Niech Cię Pokocha Zło (5:02), 03. Życia Król (5:31), 04. Innym Niepotrzebni (4:22), 05. Jak Cień Snuję Się (4:04), 06. Przeklęta Noc (3:59), 07. Każdy Ci To Powie (4:38), 08. To Wszystko Słowa, Słowa, Słowa (4:42)

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Profile Non Iron hailed from Poznań, wielkopolskie, Poland formed in 1985 by ex- Turbo bassist Henryk Tomczak. The band gave a series of club gigs and performed at the Festival of Rock Musicians Jarocin ’85. The band has teamed up with Metal Mind Productions and in 1987 the band’s self-titled debut album released. The next big concert of the band took place during the festival in Jarocin in 1988 year while a year later their album “Innym Niepotrzebni” released and produced by Tomasz Dziubiński, containing music cultivating traditional hard rock enriched with the elements of the blues and heavy metal. The production is not the best but there’re some good tunes and tuff guitar riffs on it. Check these guys if you like bands in the vein of Ceti, Turbo, Izotop, Grupa Stress, etc…


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Non Iron - Innym Niepotrzebni [1989], 10.0 out of 10 based on 3 ratings
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