No Doubt – We Wanna Rock On [1995]

672655_300Country Germany

Style Melodic Rock/AOR

Rating 80/100

Band Members Sir Marlowe – Vocals,guitars, Uli “Gibson” Hoffmann – Guitars, Zissen – Vocals, Oliver Schelling – Drums, Mario Freese – Bass

Tracks 01. Nasty Not Cheap (3:29), 02. I’m On The Run (4:21), 03.Rough To Handle (3:44), 04. Right Or Wrong (4:26), 05. No Doubt (3:10), 06. Keep On Rocking (4:15), 07. Prisoner Of Fear (4:14), 08. Ride On (6:06), 09. Nice To See You (2:48), 10. Cool Down (4:05), 11. Straightjacket (6:00), 12. The Gambler (5:09), 13. We Wanna Rock On (4:19), 14. Mr. Leader (4:38), 15. Party Animal (4:35), 16. Till Your Mind Is Changing (6:01)

Profile The band founded in the early 80s by Sir Marlowe and Uli Hoffmann. Since the beggining of the band emphasis is placed not only on the songs, but also on a varied stage show. After several performances, few line up changes and two demo they released their first full lenght album titled “We Wanna Rock On” in 1995 at Maple Leaf Records and rewarded with good reviews in music magazines. Their sound it’s a mixture of hard rock, boogie, melodic rock, metal and blues tunes well arranges and performed that you will love it. Check them if you like bands 4 Sale, Mallet and Redlock.


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