Nite City – Nite City [1977]

Country USA          

Style Melodic Rock/AOR

Rating 78/100

Band Members Ray Manzarek – Keyboards & vocals, Paul Warren – Guitar & vocals, Nigel Harrison – Bass, Jimmy Hunter – Drums & vocals, Noah James – Lead vocals

Tracks 01. Summer Eyes, 02. Nite City, 03. Love Will Make You Mellow, 04. Angel W/No Freedom, 05. Midnight Queen, 06. Bitter Sky Blue, 07. Caught in a Panic, 08. In the Pyramid, 09. Game of Skill

Profile Nite City were a rock group from Los Angeles, USA formed in 1975 and released two records before they split-up in 1978. ‘Nite City” is the first album by Nite City, a band that included former Doors’ member Ray Manzarek and their style is closer to The Tubes, Mott, even a little Aerosmith in Noah James’ vocals. It’s theatrical rock some of the time, plain old faceless rock the rest of it, and nothing that 1977 hadn’’t seen before done better. The band still would have warranted a contract even without The Doors connection, but the lack of a strong musical identity would have been their eventual undoing anyway.

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Nite City - Nite City [1977], 7.4 out of 10 based on 5 ratings
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  1. Yes! Finally someone writes about DỰ ÁN GAMUDA CITY.

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