Nicole – Esperando Nada [1994]

Nicole-Esperando_Nada-Frontal (1)

Country Chile          Style Melodic Rock/Pop

Rating 81/100

Band Members
Nicole – Vocals,guitar

01. Mundo perdido, 02. Dame luz, 03. Esperando nada, 04. Sin gamulán, 05. Territorios, 06. Va a llover, 07. Extraño ser, 08. Sigo buscándote, 09. Sólo el mar, 10. Cuando yo me transforme, 11. Tres pies al gato, 12. Con este sol

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Profile Denisse Lillian Laval Soza, known as Nicole is a pop-rock singer/guitarist started her musical career in 1989 when she released her first album “Tal vez me stoy Enamorando”. Nicole attended the birth of a local pop industry with her debut album and become one of the figures of the BMG label in the mid-nineties with over 120,000 copies sold of her albums released.

“Esperando Nada” is her second album released on November 22, 1994, produced by Tito Dávila and the first of the artist and the record company BMG. That was the album that brought fame to Nicole, through a naive girl image yet sensual. The album includes 12 songs, an unprecedented half composed by Chilean Claudio Quiñones, and six versions, among which are her first single, “Sin gamulán”, the Argentine group Grandparents of nowhere, and her second single “Esperando Nada “, the Spanish Antonio Vega. However, her most successful single was the unreleased “Dame luz,” one of the most requested of the year, well as being the focus of the hit TV series on Channel 13, Amor a Domicilio.


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