Nasty Licks – It’s Never Enough [1991]

tttyy6Country Italy

Style Hard Rock/Metal

Rating 75/100

Band Members Roberto “Shary” Picatto – Lead/backing vocals, Alberto “MC Vale” Valesano – Bass,backing vocals, Max – Drums,backing vocals, Davide “Dave” Bonotto – Guitars,backing vocals

Tracks 01. I Wanna Get Your Soul, 02. Dancin’ With The Licks, 03. Blond, 04. Honey, 05. Mr. Dynamite Daniels

Profile Nasty Licks hailed from Castellamonte, Rivarolo out of Turin formed in the mid 80s. Althought they had the right attitude, good songwriting and strong live performance they never gain a record company. The band’s sound were closed to hard n’ heavy but after the departure of their frontman Graziano “Kally Gray” Grella they changed their style to more radio friendly hard rock style with some sleazy elements. In 1991 they self-released this 5-tracks demo tape in very limited copies and totally hard to be found nowdays. In 1992 they appeared with the song “All Alone” in the compilation Nightpieces II while they release the single “Downtown Burning / Silence Man”. In 1994 they manage to self-released again a 4-tracks demo tape (also rare) melled to be their last work before they split-up the same year.


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