Mox Nix – Mox Nix [1985]

Country USA          

Style Hard Rock

Rating 81/100

Band Members Joe Vernagalio Drums, Johnny Duff Vocals,guitars, Bruce Tousneau Guitar, Robert Fernandez Bass

Tracks 01. Fight Back, 02. Ready or Not, 03. Reckless, 04. Lost Serria, 05. Never Again, 06. Steal the Show, 07. Scream for Mercy, 08. Make It, 09. Kill or Be Killed, 10. Stand Alone

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Profile Hard Rock/metal band from Pasadena, Texas formed in 1982. The group started as a cover band with Thomas Rogers on vocals, John Mills on guitars, Johnny Duff on guitars and Robert Fernandez on bass, and Donnie Bragg on Drums. They all shared a love of the same music of the day, Iron Maiden, Saxon, Riot, Judas Priest, Scorpions and Y & T, naturally they copied their music but it took a while for them to receive recognition…

Around 1984 without any true success their singer and drummer left the band. Johnny became their singer and guitarist and they added Joe Vernagallo on drums. Thanks to Joe’s influence and heavy drum style they eventually stopped playing other band’s music and concentrated on originals. This allowed them to play with such local bands as Tytton, Helstar, Deadhorse and others. They recorded “All Access” in 1984 and this demo was sent to Aardschock, Metal Forces, Kerrang! and other magazines. They got great reviews and before they knew it, Axe Killer Records wanted to release their first album…

I would have guessed that the word mox nix (meaning “it makes no difference”) came from Latin. So when I heard someone speaking in German use mox nix I thought that both our languages had picked up a common expression. It turns out, though, that mox nix is the American spelling of the German expression macht nichts (which also means, “it doesn’t matter”) and it started being used in the US in the 1950′s by returning American soldiers who had been stationed in Germany during the post war period. My father, who had been stationed in Germany during the late 1950′s, is the person I remember first hearing use the word mox nix.

Record label “Shatter Records” went out of business before their second album “Red Planet” could be released. Two tracks from the album can be found re-recorded on the 2001 re-issue of their self-titled album. These tracks are “Lightning without Thunder” and “Red Planet”.

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