Montazh – Reach [1995]

Country USA          Style Hard Rock

Rating 88/100

Band Members
Brian Grooms – Lead vocals, guitar, Nathan Grooms – Drums, Scott Kline – Bass, Jason Cate – Lead guitar, vocals

1. Dirty attraction, 2. Don´t know, 3. Forever love, 4. 2 way street, 5. Don´t play me, 6. One more try, 7. Cry me a river, 8. At your convience, 9. Bridget´s song, 10. Everyday, 11. For you, 12. Lady go home


I think most people will turn away if they will look into the booklet and see the band picture. I am sure that one will arrange them into the hardcore or alternative / grunge section. Well, maybe to call a stylist had been a good choice in those days, back-comb hair and coloured eighties clothes, yes, it would fit much better. So the appearance is a sharp contrast to their music…which is surprisingly a fantastic mixture of Melodic Rock and Melodic Metal. WHITESNAKE or SKID ROW, a bit of GUNS ‘N ROSES or MELIDIAN, they are acting somewhere between, very well done musically and with an amazing job on the vocals. This one is especially made for all Melodic lovers and should be on your wantlist quickly.

Dubbed as the next Michigan band to break into the national scene after Sponge, Montazh released “Reach” in 1995. If you like late 80’s/ early 90’s style guitar and vocals, you will love this CD! Brothers Grooms’ would later form FLEDFIVE in 1999.


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