Mistreated – One More For The Road [1987]

Country USA

Style Hard Rock/Metal

Rating 78/100

Band Members Matthew Basson – Vocals,Backing Vocals, Julius P. Ulrich III – Guitars,Backing Vocals, D.C. – Guitars, G.E.D. – Bass, Benny Hill – Drums, Mike Palumbo – Harmonica

Tracks 01. One More For The Road, 02. Destroyer, 03. I Got A Line On You, 04. Take It, 05. Decide, 06. Close To You, 07. Woman Like You, 08. It’s Getting Better, 09. Save My Love, 10. Lost In Mexico

Profile Mistreated were an one album entity who vanished off the face of the earth with this reasonable pompous platter. Hailed from San Diego they trying to break into the then overcrowded world of pop metal, better than you’d expect for an indie band, but nothing exceptional.¬†There’re soaring vocals, huge backing vocals and killer quitar work similar to bands like Seduce, Roxx and Roxxi. Members later joined Asphalt Ballet.

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Mistreated - One More For The Road [1987], 10.0 out of 10 based on 2 ratings
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