Milla – Pleasure & Pain [1991]

millaCountry Sweden

Style Lite AOR/Pop

Rating 80/100

Band Members Camilla Andersson – Vocals, Morgan Hjalmarsson – Keyboards,guitars, Nysse Nystrom,Henrik Janson – Guitars, Johan Stengård – Bass,saxophone, Anders Bagge, Steffan Astner, Micke Bolyos, Mats Persson

Tracks 01. Silhouette, 02. Roses, 03. Angel, 04. Desolated Drive, 05. Let It Roll, 06. Run Away, 07. Should I Sta, 08. Sinners, 09. Pleasure & Pain, 10. Loverule, 11. Solitary Dancer

Profile Milla’s “Pleasure & Pain” released back in 1991 on STI Records in Sweden. High class Swedish female AOR rock, close to Tone Norum or a bit lighter version of Witness. One of the rarest female fronted album you may found in the market in the vein of Anita Skorgen, Tone Norum, Erika and Lisa Lagoda. Just listen to catchy tunes like “Silhouette” (like a mix of Anita Skorgen and Lisa Lagoda) or the catchy AOR-rocker “Roses” (sounds like Tone Norum meets Erika) that would’ve become much airtime at any radio station in the mid 80’s. Or the great rockers “Desolated Drive” and “Let It Roll” that both come along with huge choruses and great guitarwork in the vein of Tone Norum and Erika again. Worth the try if you find it.

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