Midnight – M [2000]


Style Melodic Acoustic Rock

Rating 77/100

Band Members Midnight – Vocals,acoustic guitar,keyboards,backing vocals,Bobby Kovacs – Acoustic guitar,keyboards

Tracks 01. Pain, 02. Boxes, 03. Black Sheep, 04. 7 Angels, 05. Monkey Song, 06. TV Queens, 07. Hide & Seek, 08. Big Bang

Profile In the late ’90s, Midnight spent months recording a six song full band recording to try to secure a new record deal and some press. Unfortunately, when he left Florida and went to Texas he lost the only original master tape. To recover from this huge setback, Midnight reappeared with a low-budget EP originally titled Songs from the Attic which was later re-released simply as M, produced by Tim Fredenburg and featuring Bobby Kovacs on guitar, it explored a more acoustic direction were only 500 copies were made available to the members of his forum but shortly after one could find it on very high prices on ebay and elsewhere.

Lyrics were given by Midnight only to the first 100 fans who bought the CD. Collectors should be VERY careful of various bootlegs circulating. The original is the only one that writes “Made In Canada” at the back. At some point around 2006 Midnight himself re-released it on CD-R without the bonus tracks as he felt that they weren’t the quality he wanted. These CD-Rs were all autographed and were sold on ebay and through myspace along with some promo photos. Tim Fredenburg who was handling Mid’s affairs at the time was helping him to sell some of his paintings too. 


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