Michael Patto – Time To Be Right [1991]

Michael Patto - Time To Be RightCountry United Kingdom          Style WestCoast AOR/Pop/Soul

Rating 80/100

Band Members
Michael Patto – Vocals,various instruments

01. So Much For The Lovin’, 02. Calling, 03. Few Good Moments, 04. Hold On, 05. Paradise Has Gone, 06. (I’ve Got) Love Enough For Two, 07. Time To Be Right, 08. The Very Thought Of You, 09. What Can I Do, 10. Don’t Say A Word

[ca_audio url_mp3=”http://melodic-hardrock.com/wp-content/uploads/2013/11/Calling.mp3″ url_ogg=”” skin=”regular” align=”none”]

Profile Michael Patto is a british musician, songwriter and producer. Born of Mike Patto snr. who was a highly respected rock musician (Spooky Tooth, Patto, Timebox, Boxer), Michael first approach was on bass guitar but switched to piano in his late teens and started writing songs. Patto was signed by a major label aged 20, but soon decided to move on and founded his own recording company, being involved with some of the finest talents on the UK music scene.

His one and only album as solo artist, “Time To Be Right”, is a soft breeze of genres mixing stylized pop, soul and smooth westcoast. There’s several pieces of fine euro-pop on songs like “So Much For The Lovin´”, “Few Good Moments” or “What Can I Do”. But also a strong westcoast feeling on “Calling”, the smooth “The Very Thought Of You” and “Don’t Say A Word”. The ballad “Hold On” sounds pretty american L.A. style.

“Time To Be Right” includes genres not usually featured on this blog, but was requested by a reader and is extremely hard to find. It’s a nice, relaxing piece of music, very well performed, recorded and produced. 



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