Michael Des Barres – Somebody Up There Likes Me [1986]

R-3026428-1312311240Country United Kingdom          Melodic Rock/AOR

Rating 86/100

Band Members
Michael Des Barres – Lead vocals, Steve Jones,Andy Taylor,Lawrence Juber – Guitars, Jim Keltner – Drums, Bill Summers – Percussion, Philip Chen,Kenny Lewis – Bass, Kevin Savigar – Keyboards, Greg Adams,Emilio Castillo,Richard Elliott,Steve “Doc” Kupka,Lee Thornberg – Horns, Mary Harris,Wendy Leigh Mackinzie,Debby Holland,Andy Taylor – Backup vocals

01. Money Don’t Come Easy, 02. Do You Belong?, 03. Is There Someone Else?, 04. Everything Reminds Me Of You, 05. I Can See Clearly Now, 06. Somebody Up There Likes Me, 07. Too Good To Be Bad, 08. Locked In The Cage Of Love, 09. Camera Eyes, 10. Thinking With Your Body

[ca_audio url_mp3=”http://melodic-hardrock.com/wp-content/uploads/2013/06/Somebody-Up-There-Likes-Me.mp3″ url_ogg=”” skin=”regular” align=”none”]

Profile Michael Des Barres (pronounced “Deh-Barr”) is a British actor and rock singer. He is best known for playing the recurring role of Murdoc on the television show MacGyver and for replacing Robert Palmer in the band Power Station, fronting the band at the 1985 Live Aid concert and the rest of their Summer Tour. This was his final solo musical release that produced by Bob Rose, before he focused primarily on acting, with roles in movies including Sugar Town, Ghoulies, Pink Cadillac, Midnight Cabaret, and others. The Power Station member Andy Taylor performs guitar on the album and additional vocals on “Money Don’t Come Easy”. There are also guitar performances by Steve Jones, who had previously worked with Des Barres in the band Chequered Past during the early 1980s.


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