Michael Allen Band – No Rest For the Wicked [1994]

Country USA

Style Hard Rock

Rating 79/100

Band Members Michael Allen – Vocals,guitars

Tracks 01. Beggin Dog (U Without A Bone), 02. Woman In Love, 03. Cry In Your Arms (I’m The One), 04. Traveling, 05. Light In Your Life, 06. 10 Days A Week, 07. Bad Woman Blues, 08. Earth & Sand, 09. Time 2 Rock, 10. 1st Sight, 11. War

Profile The band is fronted by Michael Allen and he plays 80s style Hair Metal that we all love.  Huge hooks and choruses, with excellent guitar work.  The guitar work is awesome on this indie treasure.  The song, “Cry In Your Arms (I’m The One)” is a stunning AOR anthem, as is the rocker, “Time 2 Rock”  The band thanks Bon Jovi in their thank you section of the booklet.  Fans of 80s Hair Metal would love this ultra hyper rare indie.

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Michael Allen Band - No Rest For the Wicked [1994], 8.0 out of 10 based on 3 ratings
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