Young Lust


Country United Kingdom

Style Sleazy Hard Rock

Profile Founded in 2005 Young Lust have maintained a great level of respect and ‘hardworkmanship’ throughout, there are no pretty frills, just a constant ethic to create and play solid Hard rock Music, and to keep on- Keeping on. Young Lust’s roots are deep in hard rock, blues and borderline sleaze with massive chorus lines means that they are often undefinable and create a sound which is timeless spanning many different generations. Young Lust have got a huge year ahead in 2013 with the release of their new EP Rightinthethickofitall which has gained much acclaim from Uber rock, and BBC Radio Stations and are soon to embark on a 2 week UK tour supporting Enuff Z’Nuff.


rightinthethickofitall – Right In The Thick Of It All [2013]EP



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