Country Sweden

Style Melodic Hard Rock

Profile First…the name… W.E.T is the acronym for the bands comprised of this sensational new project. Introducing Robert Säll, guitarist of Work of Art, Erik Mårtensson of Eclipse and Jeff Scott Soto, singer of Talisman. What do these three guys have in common? They share the love for great Arena Rock Music, big melodic hooks, fiery guitars and of course the feel for magical melodies. The W.E.T. debut album in 2009 was one of the rare occasions when a band created by the vision of a record label president managed to create such a wave of enthusiasm and interest from fans and the media alike, not only that it went beyond the band’s own expectations, but pushed the musicians themselves to raise their game, when in the beginning they “thought anyone would care except maybe the die-hard fans from the three bands the name W.E.T. came from”.

The key element to the success of “W.E.T’ was to create a modern Melodic Hard Rock sound and drive it into the future, with powerhouse rhythm and production making it an equally classic and contemporary release. Anticipated by the release of the single/video “Learn to Live Again” – an unbelievably radio-friendly song, which features for the first time a vocal duet between Mårtensson and Soto – the new album “Rise Up” presents again a massive production and equally impressive songwriting, which updates the term “classic rock” into the new century.


W.E.T. Rise Up

– W.E.T. [2009]
– Rise Up [2013]


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