COUNTRY: Germany

STYLE: Hard Rock/Heavy Metal

PROFILE: Four guys from the beautiful province of Rhineland-Palatinate! Four out of the working class! From a region in which one can not do anything without a license because there are hardly any public transport! Four who have learned from the beginning to push through! Four in which it goes to the music and nothing else!

UNHERZ! Since mid-2008, an inseparable heap. From the beginning, it was thought the hard, rocky road! The band wanted to play THEIR OWN songs … without compromise! Management and environment were cover songs from the relevant German rock sizes is a good idea to get into the scene to create a name.
The band does not … “cover bands are bad enough! Good and bad! So, we do our own thing! “UNHERZ … just four guys who you fooling nothing and delude themselves anything other! A band that is not adorned with foreign laurels but with their own melodies and lyrics, piece by piece to the front works! But that’s basically nothing new for the four musicians …

Singer Felix learned the latest in his time in Brazil, what it means to push through! Six years in which he had to witness a lot of shit in run-down favelas! Six years in which he hardly had contacts in Germany and in no way could lead a rational, orderly life, but the alcohol declined and after returning to his home country had only to withdraw in order to be able to reintegrate some extent in the German welfare society! You love to talk with him because they quickly learn that he is decent and “grounded”! Just not as many others where the alleged success immediately rises in the head!
The same goes for Locke … Since his 19th birthday, he is already on the stage. He played in several cover bands with which it occurs in front of many thousands of fans and earn a lot of money could! In the years 2000 and 2001 he recorded with his band almost 120 concerts! But one believes him immediately when he says: “I play in front of 30 people today prefer my own music than any cover songs in front of 10,000,” He’s just about the music …
And that’s the point even with Andy! A guy says to you bluntly what he thinks of you!
One type of straight going and you had better not stand in the way!

It regulates its everyday problems like a man! What one also sees him perfectly!
For him it’s all or not at all, and half measures are not his thing! And it is loud! With or without a guitar, Andy is loud! 
Bogi is too loud! When he sits on the drums. Bogi is otherwise quiet. He does not talk very much. But when he says something then you hear him too! He radiates peace and sovereignty and is a gig never really nervous or excited! Almost perfect properties for a percussionist and a fellow with whom you can spend hours and the miles on the tour bus!

One might say “UNHERZ is different from other bands in the German rock scene” or “UNHERZ is louder, better, bigger, and, and, and …” But that is not exactly the kind UNHERZsche! The upcoming album “THE TRUTH LIES IN BETWEEN” but WILL OTHERWISE be …. and yes, it will be BETTER! At least as far as the taste of the four musicians responsible! Who blunt, always the same-sounding songs with nonsensical lyrics and random, gebrülltem song is expected to be disappointed! If you like variety and experimentation will love this album! That is also exactly what is “THE TRUTH LIES IN BETWEEN” express! It was never about the band harder, louder, striking or to be provocative than others. It is this band has always been so in an honest way to play their music. And if a song on this record sounds tough and uncompromising, it is because it has just developed there!

If text appears clumsy and sing along to animated and another has a profound and thoughtful, it is because these texts should be just like that! When yet another song on this record sounds almost commercially, it’s because the band was written at the time when the song was just in that mood! UNHERZ remains a band that refuses to use it aware of any stereotypes or even political backgrounds. UNHERZ works without acting and without hiding behind any masks or invented Images! What could be more honest?
A quote from the band’s debut album “Welcome Unherzlich” it brings more than ever to the point: “We live our lives and do what WE like it!”


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– Unherzlich Willkommen [2010]
– Herzschlag [2011]
– Die Wahrheit Liegt Dazwischen [2012]

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