The Electric Lady

Country Finland/France

Style Hard Rock

Profile The Electric Lady is a Finnish rock band formed in 2007 by Minna Ora (vocals, songwriter) and Kari Ora (guitar). But before this Minna and Kari were also known as being an acoustic duet formed in 1998 and called Acoustic Lady. They had been previously touring for a few years around Finland when Minna started to think of a real band to give her songs more powerful expression.

Pepe Lindholm (drums) was the first musician to join the band and give the songs his own touch. They made demos and everything seemed so good. Later on Samuli Jokinen (keyboards) and Jussi Sinervo(bass) joined the band and were fully part of the line-up. THE BAND WAS READY!

Then Minna met a French journalist/graphist Nicole Morgan who wrote some lyrics and who is today considered as a sixth member of Electric Lady (and also Minna’s close friend).

– Black Moon [2012]

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