The Devil In California

THE DEVIL IN CALIFORNIA - Longer Ride Down - insideCountry USA

Style Southern Hard Rock

Profile The Devil In California is the brainchild of Eddie Colmenares, who previously had been playing drums for Bay Area favorites Electric Sister. Eddie had been wanting to create a harder rocking band with more of a southern flavor, and after ES went on Hiatus, he took his chances running an ad locally to start putting a band together. Friends of Jamie Cronander saw the ad and thought the guitarist had put it out, since it also sounded like something he would write. When inquired about why he was putting a band together and not telling anyone, Jamie’s interest was piqued and he contacted Eddie. And that was the start of The Devil In California.

The band itself assembled fairly quickly, and with top-notch talent. Jamie brought in Matt Stewart on bass and Eddie brought in local singer Tony Malson. They had 5 songs written within weeks, and started lining up shows. There was only one piece missing…

A search for another guitarist to round out the band had been fruitless, and The Devil In California was a reluctant 4 piece for the time being. They finally started recording their demo with Steve “Snake” Green (formerly of Skinlab and Re:Ignition), who immediately took a liking to the music. After Snake parted ways with a band he was playing with, both parties agreed that he would be the perfect replacement. And the band was complete.

In the short period of time The Devil In California has been a band, they have played many shows – including a packed showcase under a different name – and their first official show where they played to a raging crowd and sold half of their merchandise. They have already played large venues including Slim’s SF and DNA Lounge.

THE DEVIL IN CALIFORNIA - Longer Ride Down - front

– Longer Ride Down [2015]



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