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STYLE: Melodic Hard Rock

PROFILE: Rydell & Quick is the most touring rockband in Sweden and probably the hardest working band in the land. With nearly 250 gigs a year and about 4000 completed live concerts since their formation in the late nineties, RYDELL & QUICK is the most touring rock band in Sweden.

Something that many ‘big rock acts’ should learn: go and play everywhere, and your fan base will grown at grand scale. This is a highly professional combo, both musically and on stage; they have their own crew, their custom designed light towers, PA system, trailers with Rydell & Quick-design. The whole package.
After several singles, the band’s full length debut in 2006 remained 8 weeks in a row on the local Top 40.

Rydell & Quick gave first plate working title Roadtrip Reflections, because the ideas have been developed in conjunction with turnérandet. In the end, it simply R.O.A.D.T.R.I.P. and it is precisely because of their lifestyle, along the tour routes, they come up with a second album. Turnérandet have given them lots of impressions and inspiration from people they have met and places they visited. An album dedicated to their friends and loyal fans around the country.

The band has reached its unprecedented success in the old fashioned way:
They started from scratch. Small gigs in inconspicuous places, wet sleeping bags and cold macaroni. But with the growing popularity has been touring the unit constantly growing. Nowadays the band has its own, experienced crew and traveling with an impressive equipment. Custom Designed light towers, custom-made PA system, trailers with Rydell & Quick-design. The whole package.

Rydell & Quick tour hard and give everything to their gigs, both in terms of personal commitment and delivery of a show that would sketch an appreciative nod.
All this has earned them a loyal, ever-growing audience who know that they can expect the perfect mix of heavy rock music and spectacular entertainment. In the center we find the leading figures who gave the group its name. The singer and guitarist Christer Rydell and saxophonist and singer Malin Quick. Both are basically classical musicians, but his love for early rock took over.

– We have dedicated our lives to play – to tour with our musicians and our crew, says Christer Rydell simple. We see it as an incredible privilege to live on and the music together with people who enjoy it. There was a brief period when I was whining a bit. Then my father sat me on to paint a few houses and then I quickly regained my gratitude for being able to have this as a job! he smiles.

“- Since 1998, we are ten people who go around with their own trailers and the whole kit and forming the band Rydell & Quick. Something we had never dreamed of when we started. But it has grown naturally. And it’s really a privilege to have gone smoothly and we’ve all been able to live on our music. “- Says Malin.

Some have called them for an unusually powerful cover band, but they have always written and recorded their own material. Between 1997 and 2001 released Rydell & Quick a series of singles. 2006 and after 3000 shows, was the debut album ROCKOHOLIC which reached a 6th place in the Swedish Charts and who was 8 weeks in a row on the top 40th

Focus has always been on delivering live and give the audience everything. It may sound like a cliché, but touring has really become a lifestyle. At most, they had a 249 gig and 302 hotel nights in one year! The frequent touring have made to their own materials and discs released had to step aside. Now it’s time to put more emphasis on the recording session were.

The new album R.O.A.D.T.R.I.P. is the start of a new era, where the songwriting and musical development will be given more time and energy.
The album’s first single was released last summer and is called “All In Like a Rockstar”. Ever since it was released as singles, it has been one of the band’s large audience favorites around the country and has sold 5,000 copies.
In spring 2012, just before the album release will be released on evocative ballad “Life Is Just A Dream”, which shows a more melancholic side of the band.

Already forged plans for the next album, which we do not have to wait for six years. “It’s incredibly fun to spend more time on songwriting. We love working in the studio and find the right sound for productions, says Christer.
One thing is certain: R & Q know how to write a catchy song. It is enough to listen to the new album to understand it. There are heavy riffs, melody strong verses, big choruses and a hell of a drive. Just as they sound live. They combine timeless, melodic rock with a modern riff à la Rammstein and they have never bothered metropolitan nervous need of “cred”. Rydell & Quick is a band of people.

Now they will hit the road again. As always. And their down to earth attitude has not disappeared with the success. After every show they come and talk to their audience, shaking hands and write the occasional crow. Come by and say hello!

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R.O.C.K.O.H.O.L.I.C. [2006]     R.O.A.D.T.R.I.P. [2012]

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