Party Roxx

Country France

Style Glam/Hard Rock

Profile For Cedric Sellier (alias Sid Sinner) it’s been a while since he’s been thinking to form a new Heavy Glam Band besides the Kragens project. What he wanted was only to have fun, and refresh his writing style, and certainly open his musical space wide. So he came back to his mates in late 2008 to ask them to join his new musical adventure! It was easy for him to convince them with the first songs he wrote: big hits like ‘Lust’ or ‘Like a Fire’. Renaud Espeche (alias “Ren the First”) and Denis Malek were both enthusiastic.

Later Bastien Malek (alias “Dyna Rox”) was hired as guitarist. The band worked on new material and the first songs were quickly ready to hit the stage: each concert confirmed that the audience was always hooked by the band style: a hint of Hard Rock, Hair Metal melting inside Punk. In early 2011 SHOOT TO KILL recorded their first album that was mixed in L.A. by Logan Mader, with Damien Rainaud (alias Damien Rain) on drums.

They changed the band name into Party Roxx, and Lion The Chacon replaced Damien on drums after his departure to Los Angeles. Energy, melody, groove and power Party Roxx is coming. If you want to get on a journey between L.A. and London, play the CD!


– Party Roxx [2012]

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