Oz Knozz


Country USA

Style Progressive Rock/Hard Rock

Profile OZ KNOZZ (pronounced oz ka-nozz’), has been on the Music Scene for many years, touring and opening for the likes of Supertramp, Kansas, Peter Frampton, Point Blank, and Judas Priest, to name just a few. In addition, they have headlined many of their own shows, building an almost fanatical fan-base over the years. OZ KNOZZ is pleased to announce on June 8th. 2008, the release of their new CD, “10,000 Days & Nights”. This project is the culmination of over three years of work, recorded and produced by the band, mixed by former Diamond Recording Studio Engineer Gregg Gill, and mastered by Award-Winning Master Engineer Jay Frigoletto (www.promastering.com, also see “MasterSuite” in our Friends area).

The CD contains eight original tracks, full of the signature keyboard sounds OZ KNOZZ is known for, as well as powerful lead guitar, full vocals, and a driving rhythm section. The title, “10,000 Days & Nights” comes from the amount of time that has passed between the first OZ KNOZZ album, “Ruff Mix” and the current release. “Ruff Mix” was released in May of 1975, and incredibly, is still enjoying sales worldwide! Hopefully, “10,000 Days & Nights” will achieve the same level of success! Bill and Duane Massey; Bill and Duane Massey were born in San Antonio, Texas. Their father, Ed Massey, was a professional Bass player, and they were introduced to Jazz and Dixieland at an early age. Bill started on Tenor Sax and Duane on Trumpet. Eventually, they would play with their father in a band when they moved to Lubbock, Texas, and then Central Louisiana while still in their early teens. Bill became interested in the Electric Bass, and Duane began playing Keyboards. After moving to Houston, Texas in 1966, both began taking an interest in Rock-n-Roll and played in a few “garage bands” in the neighborhood. Bill lost his interest in the Saxophone and concentrated on Bass and Guitar, but Duane continued to play both Trumpet and Keyboards. The brothers decided to form an original Jazz/Rock band in 1969, a trio with a high school friend on Drums. Jack Alford also played Flute and Guitar, so the trio played a variety of styles and instruments. Jack came up with the name “Oz Knozz” after they decided that all the cool names were taken.

Throughout the next four Decades both brothers and the band went through many changes. Bill gave up the Guitar and Sax for good, Duane went to a local University to study Music, and both became involved with the Sound and Lighting Business. Along with Ed Massey, they operated a family business, Amphion Sound Systems, until the late 1980’s. The band changed Drummers, added a Horn Section and a Guitarist, lost the Horn Section, and recorded “Ruff Mix”, as well as an EP. Bill decided to retire from performing, and the band went through another re-organization. Bill was convinced to begin playing again in 1998, and also began a new career building and driving Drag-Racers. Duane stayed in the Sound and Lighting business, working for Core Systems. Bill currently builds cars and acts as Crew Chief for Mike Manners Racing, and also does custom fabrication. Duane is an independent Sound and Lighting Technician, and still performs locally with a variety of musical froups ranging from Jazz to Country to Wedding Bands. With Bill’s help, Duane is constructing a private recording studio for the next Oz Knozz recording, as well as other projects.

MiltonDeCoronado; Milton DeCoronado (aka; Miltonio), arrived in Houston, Texas from Central America in 1974 and joined Oz Knozz in late 1982 to 1985. In 1986, he departed the band amicably and moved to Los Angeles, California, and studied under Sam Brown III (Music Director for the Jackson 5). He went out to L.A. for 3 to 4 years, but ended up staying for 9. While there, he got a chance to meet some of his favorite Singers and Musicians. Long story short, after awhile, Marty and Duane asked him to re-join Oz Knozz to focus on Original Material. Some of Milton’s favorite Singers and Musicians are; Ronnie James Dio, Glenn Hughes, George Clinton, Stevie Wonder, Jan Hammer, Steve Vai, and Robert-O. Marty Naul; Marty Naul is a native Texan, born in Ft. Worth and living there as well as Midland and Houston. His musical career started the usual way, playing in various “garage bands”.

Marty joined Duane and Bill Massey in Oz Knozz in May 1971, when original drummer Jack Alford decided to persue another profession. Marty and Duane went to high school together in Houston and attended college together at Sam Houston State University in Huntsville, Tx. where they both majored in Music. Marty has been part of every Oz Knozz project since he joined in ’71, including live and recording projects, such as “Ruff Mix” in 1975, the EP in 1981, and “10,000 Days & Nights” in 2008. Like most of the other Oz members, Marty has played with numerous other musical organizations with and without other members of Oz Knozz, and has many years of experience playing and recording a variety of musical styles. However, it is Oz Knozz that seems to be the glue that holds this group of musicians together. As mentioned above, the latest project Marty and Oz Knozz have collaborated on is the band’s long-awaited CD, “10,000 Days & Nights”. Marty’s drumming influences include Neil Peart, Michael Portnoy, Carl Palmer, Clive Bunker, Buddy Rich, Louis Bellson, and Gene Krupa. Robert Guinea; Robert Guinea (Robert-O), began playing Guitar in 1977 and he decided to become proficient in his art by majoring in Music at Houston Baptist University.

Upon graduation, he began his professional music career as the guitarist for the Houston band AD4. Once the AD4 tour ended, Robert joined Oz Knozz and played Guitar from 1984 to 1987 when the band went on hiatus. Robert and Marty founded several other projects together, including Hi Fi, Fearless Leader, and Midnight Circus. Playing together in these projects over the next 10 years, they opened for acts such as Mr. Big, Black and Blue, Lillian Axe, Tora Tora, and Zebra. They also headlined many, many venues throughout Texas and Louisiana. When the decision was made to re-form Oz Knozz, Robert-O was invited to play Guitar in the live shows and on the new recordings. Since then, Oz Knozz has opened for Spinal Tap, Judas Priest, and Kansas, and continues to work together writing and recording new music, as well as the old favorites of the band. Robert-O’s influences include Paul Gilbert, Michael Schenker, Steve Morse, Al DiMeola, and Richie Blackmore.

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– Ruff Mix [1975]
– 10000 Days & Nights [2008]
– True Believer [2012]


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