Country Italy

Style Hard Rock

Profile  The band’s roots date back to 1998, when its founder MATTEO VAGO, decided to form a group, whose sound was to be simple and basic. No frills. Hence the name ON-OFF. The early years saw a succession of musicians on bass, vocals and drums. In 2000, the first stable line-up was established. The beginnings were difficult and characterized by many concerts featuring covers of songs by AC/DC, Led Zeppelin and Beatles as well as the hard-rock rendition of rock’n’roll and blues classics by Chuck Berry, Willie Dixon, John Lee Hooker and Joe Williams, which was something innovative for a cover band during those years.

This is not surprising though, as blues legends such as B.B. King, Robert Johnson, Chuck Berry, Yardbirds are among the major influences of the group. 2001 represents a turning point in their career: the covers of AC/DC became a fixture in their repertoire, so that the next natural step was to start an AC/DC tribute project. This again was very innovative, since most venues would focus almost exclusively on crossover Italian cover bands. Besides, this concept was also new from a scenic point of view, as the group would offer an accurate reproduction of the AC/DC live show, focusing mainly on the character of shaking schoolboy guitar player ANGUS YOUNG. Although the band had already thought of producing own songs, its members resorted to sticking to their tribute concept. In 2007/2008, Lorenzo Milani, the former drummer of U.D.O. and ALTO VOLTAGGIO, along with guitarist Jgor Gianola, currently playing guitar with UDO, guitarist and founder of Swiss cover band ALTO VOLTAGGIO, became part of the official line-up.

Also in 2007, bassist FABIO LAZZARINI joined the family and became a crucial element for the rebirth of the band. In fact, one of the founders of the group, drummer SAMUELE SQUAIELLA; decided to come back and was joined eventually by DAVIDE BATTISTELLA on rhythm guitar. The end of 2008 saw the start of the UNPUBLISHED MATERIAL PROJECT: ON-OFF focused on producing their own songs, in a typical classic rock style and sung in English, featuring Matteo on vocals and lead guitar. In February 2010, the debut album “RIBCRASHER” was released.

The record was produced by the band members themselves backed by PAOLO DAL BROI of PUNKREAS fame, an Italian act known through the all-time best-selling Italian punk album “PARANOIA e POTERE”, produced by DAL BROI himself; assisted by GIORGIO ANDREOLI (Arecibo, Anna Oxa, etc.). In 2011, during the RIBCRASHER Tour, a new drummer join the band: ALEX MOTTA. Year 2012: the band go out, under the label BUIL2KILL, with a new album: DON’T FORGET THE ROLL!!! An explosive dose of genuine rock’n’roll.. Are you Ready?


– Ribcrasher [2010]
– Don’t Firget the Roll [2012]

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