On Level

Country Ukraine

Style Glam Rock/Hard Rock

Profile The band started running from December 2007, when Grabovik noticed a post, that some musicians are looking for a bass player and a frontmen to make a Glam Rock band. The first frontman was Alex Schukin. First rehearsals started on the 24th of January 2008, so it became a birthday of the band, in a bandname of “On Level”. Soon, the band decided to invite one more guitarplayer, to make the music more powerful and melodic. K.Smirnov made this role. After 6 month hardworking the first demo released. 

The band was playing local shows, printed in magazines like it should be.  Sometimes later, there were changes in a lineup. A new drummer (M.Rozhnow) and guitarist (Pinkovskiy) completed the band. The band was playing on big fests, in front of thousands of fans.

– Just Passion & No Shame [2012]

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